Scared of heights?

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Many people say that they have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon, but they or their friend or spouse are too scared.

We get it, the thought of floating 1,000’s of feet off the ground in nothing but a wicker basket and an envelope full of hot air is intimidating. It’s not what most people are used to. Most of us are usually surrounded by machines and metal and concrete, powering through nature and overcoming the elements; and then there is this, the art of ballooning. It’s simple and beautiful and we work with what nature sends our way. We use heat to rise and release the heat to lower. We drift and float. We have time to absorb the sunlight and the views. We can hear the river as it flows beneath the basket. We frequently see wildlife and have the vantage point to watch them as they wander their natural paths.

Is it safe?

According to the FAA, Hot Air Ballooning is the safest form of air travel. Everything from the lines, pulleys and propane tanks to the balloon fabric itself is FAA regulated and inspected on a regular basis. The mechanics of it all are simple, with three independent burners and propane tanks to ensure we have backup for any failures. A balloon pilot is FAA licensed and has to maintain the same class ii medical as any commercial pilot. Our pilot is extremely experienced with over 2000 hours of flight time within the Yampa Valley and a 100% safety record.

Can you steer?

Our pilot is extremely experienced and very knowledgeable about our valley. At different altitudes the wind currents flow in different directions and Bud sails these currents to navigate to a safe landing spot. We have access to weather stations at different altitudes that we are able to check throughout the flight and we have an experienced ground crew to give us wind updates continuously throughout the morning.

How do you land?

The balloon landing is one of the areas that showcases Bud’s extreme skill. He is able to heat the balloon as it slowly lowers to calculate a soft landing. We also choose to fly on the days the winds are calm to help with a slower landing. As common as our soft landings are, the weather is the weather and at any point in time it can shift and you always need to be prepared for a bumpy landing.

The Wild West Balloon reflected in a calm lake

Testimonials from others with a fear of heights

Magnificent Ballooning Experience

“It wasn’t our first time ballooning but it might have been the best time! The vistas were wonderful and Bud provided informed answers to all of our questions  about the balloon and the countryside. If you are thinking of going, just do it! For those of you with a fear of heights, don’t worry a bit. I have an extreme fear of heights and I love ballooning because you feel 100% safe in the basket. This was a five star experience and a perfect way to spend part of the morning before hitting the slopes.

Thank you Bud & Staff.”

Weston, Connecticut

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Highly recommend!

“I am not crazy about heights and my husband was worried about the landing as he has a bad back. Both were non-issues!

I had no problems with the height and the landing was incredibly soft. I have had elevators impact me more.

Bud and Stacia were great. He kept the ride interesting and the views were incredible.”

Ginny I
Scottsville, New York

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“We had an amazing time! I went with my mom and my niece (adult). We shared the basket with another family who had a small child with them. They were great :)

Bud is deeply knowledgeable about ballooning including the history of the craft. His wife, Stacia, is extremely friendly and can assist with any of your questions/concerns. Great photographer as well.

I am afraid of heights (wouldn’t cross the sky bridge in Gatlinburg) but had no issues in the balloon. It is smooth and calm. The basket doesn’t rock or move. I was able to lean over the side and photograph away.

We were lucky and had beautiful weather. It was a chilly 46 (coming from 90-degree weather) but was comfortable with just a sweater.

Highly recommend this balloon ride. Down to earth owners who will treat you like family. Just do it! You will be happy you did.”

Charlotte, North Carolina

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We get many people that are scared of heights and also want to experience the rare adventure of a hot air balloon.

The ones that face their fears and take a ride are always happy they climbed onboard, celebrating their exhilaration with champagne at the end of the morning.

If you are now feeling comfortable and confident in our ability to take you on a safe and fun adventure, click the link below to BOOK NOW.

If you have any further questions, please reach out at CONTACT US . We are happy to answer any further questions.